owner faqs

What is the cost to have my property managed by Beachball Properties?

Beachball Properties offers 18% management commission on base rent of the houses. We also offer 12% commission on any rental/renter refereed to us by you.

Included in the commission is routine maintenance, such as: replacement of air filters, light bulbs, batteries and shower liners. Minor repairs are also included. The owner is only charged if a project requires significant labor and/or time and materials, typically $200 or above. Any maintenance performed will be marked on the monthly owner statement with a description of the work performed.

How are major maintenance or repairs to handled?

Any major repair work or maintenance of $300 or more will be discussed with the owner before the work is started. We have an excellent group of qualified service providers to handle any repair or maintenance issues. However, you are welcome to use you own preferred contractors as well and we will coordinate with the contractor directly.

All air conditioning, electrical and Plumbing are is contracted to licensed professional service providers. Air conditioning and refrigerator repairs will be handled immediately and the owner is notified simultaneously.

Does Beachball help secure any property before inclement weather?

Outdoor furniture is moved in and out for the owner during inclement weather to prevent damage at no charge. Owners are notified before and after these services are rendered.

Wil I need to provide guests with linens and other essentials?

Linens are provided by our cleaning company. They also provide laundry packets, dishwasher detergents, kitchen towels and hotel soaps and shampoos depending on the number of sleeping arrangements for each house.

How often will my property be inspected?

A professional inspection is done after every guest reservation, and clean, to prevent loss and protect the owner’s property.

Will I be required to provide my own property photos?

Professional pictures for online marketing media are included at no cost.

Will I be charged extra if guests require additional assistance?

ou are not charged for services performed to assist the guests such as: taking keys to locked out guests, taking additional pillows or blankets, unclogging a drain, etc. If the issue is the fault of the guest, there is a minimum $50 charge to the guest for that service.

What if a guest causes damange to my property?

A credit card is held on file from time of check in to 14 days after guest check-out to cover any damage caused by the guest.

Where is your main office located?

We are conveniently located on Hwy 59 S in Gulf Shores.

What are your standard eligibility requirements for guests?

We have a 25 year old minimum age limit. We require renters send us a copy of the driver’s license and we compare during check-in.

How will guests get access to my property?

We communicate with all renters the day of check-in to insure everything is ok and what time they will be checking in.

We still choose to have renters come by our office to pick up keys. We have found that when a renter physically meets the person they are renting from is significantly reduces to possibility of damage.

We have a lock box for late check ins. Typically after 7PM during the summer.

Check is 4pm unless the house is clean sooner and check out is at 10am.

Do you provide any extras for guests during check-in?

Each guest receives a goodie bag full of Beachball Properties “swag” such as: huggers, cups, magnets, stickers, etc. to encourage repeat guests to your property.

How can I contact you if I have questions about my property or guests?

You will always be able to reach a familiar voice or decision maker when you contact us.