A Better Way to Explore Vacation Rentals Like Us

We are excited to announce that we are a proud member of The 100 Collection™ – an insider’s guide to the best vacation rental stays.

The 100 Collection today reflects an exciting collaboration of more than 40 beautiful vacation destinations spanning three countries – with more amazing places continually being added.

Industry experts have personally vetted the vacation rental companies in this collection to ensure they are following safety and cleanliness best practices, as well as meeting world class hospitality standards. Not to mention, these properties are stunning!

We are thrilled to be recognized and included in this amazing international collection. We believe in providing an excellent guest experience and we know that the other brands in this collection offer the same memorable stays.

Like Family

Your friends and family have, over the years, become our friends and family. When guests ask us for recommendations, we make sure they are well taken care of. Finding that local insider who is known and well-respected so guests are treated well is a crucial element for travelers. Now, when our guests travel to other destinations, we can offer top tier recommendations of where to stay with confidence because of this new collection.

We believe vacation rental guests should feel confident that the brand they are entrusting with their stay is going to deliver. Until now, there hasn’t been a free, exclusive network of reliable companies. The fastest and easiest way to search has also been the biggest gamble. But having a great vacation rental stay isn’t about finding a room, or even a whole home – it’s about the entire experience.

If our family wanted to travel to a top destination, we would choose a property within this collection knowing it will be well cared for and the service will be best in class.

Vacation rental companies, like ours, that are in The 100 Collection are there because they scored…

  • 100% on standards of excellence
  • 100% on safety and cleanliness
  • 100% on delivering the best experiences
  • 100% on representing their community

5 Reasons to Explore The 100 Collection:

  1. Curation Salvation –  You no longer need to have a million property tabs open. What has been feeling like an endless sea of options, now resembles a curated shopping experience. Not only did we spend a year finding and vetting the best vacation rental companies, but each one showcases its own sampling of properties best representing the destination.
  2. Honored Guests – You’re clearly a discerning customer. We believe you should be treated as such. You’re an honored guest from the moment you book your reservation. This collection was put together thoughtfully, knowing that you have exceptional taste.
  3. Concierge Services – In order to be a part of the collection, these vacation rental companies must offer a direct line to a helpful person on the other end of the phone. Whether you get locked out at 2 am or need hard-to-get dinner reservations, these companies have your back.
  1. Book Direct Savings – We assume everyone knows they are paying a premium when they book on sites with all the inventory in the world. We assume, as a current or previous vacation rental guest, you know that you pay the least, or even get a discount, when you book directly on the company’s website, right? <wink>
  2. Local Insider Perks – Believe it or not, there are still some things you can’t find online. There are perks and shortcuts  that only local insiders know. The professional managers in the collection have the relationships needed to deliver exceptional experiences. All you have to do is ask for recommendations for the best vacation rental stay.

As professionals in the vacation rental industry, we know the inside “trade secrets” for getting the best vacation rental stay, and now, together with our esteemed peers around the world, we are sharing them with you.

We are proud to be included in this trusted source for finding the best vacation rental companies. Visit our destination on their website, and check out all the other places where you book with confidence and get the same amazing experience you had as our guests.

Come along as we join an international movement to bring trust to the vacation rental industry.